Dive into Confidence: Ensuring Safe Swimming Experiences at Seahorse Motel

Sea Horse Motel Pool LBI

Are you all set to jump and enjoy a swim? Here at Seahorse Motel, we know how important it is to offer our guests a fun swimming experience. That is why we go the mile to ensure you can swim confidently while staying with us.

Our focus on safety, backed by our Certified Pool Operator (CPO) staff, makes us stand out. What is the CPO certification, and how does it improve your time in the pool?

The CPO certification training program gives individuals the knowledge and skills to maintain clean and hygienic swimming areas. Our team undergoes training to grasp the ins and outs of pool chemistry, filtration systems, and sanitation procedures. This certification guarantees that our pool meets top-notch cleanliness and safety standards, giving you peace of mind whenever you swim.


Besides keeping our pools in excellent condition, Seahorse Motel is committed to following the health regulations the Department of Health laid out. Our dedication to compliance ensures that our facilities meet or surpass all safety and sanitation requirements, enhancing your swimming experience even more.

Why exactly is safety and cleanliness important when it comes to swimming?

The essential lies in preventing water illnesses (RWIs), which can occur when swimming in contaminated water. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites thrive in poorly maintained swimming pools and cause RWIs. They can cause various health issues, ranging from minor skin irritations to more severe infections.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are documented cases of RWIs annually in the United States alone. These occurrences underscore the importance of selecting swimming facilities that prioritize cleanliness and safety, such as Seahorse Motels.

By obtaining CPO certification and adhering to health regulations, Seahorse Motel ensures your swimming experience is pleasurable, secure, and stress-free. Whether indulging in a morning swim or relaxing under the sun, you can confidently believe our pool is clean, well-kept, and free of harmful contaminants.

So why hesitate? Plunge into assurance. Maximize your stay at Seahorse Motel. Whether on a business trip or enjoying leisure time, our dedication to safety and excellence guarantees that your time in the pool will be outstanding.

To learn more about how common recreational water illnesses are and why it is crucial to swim in well-kept pools, take a look at this helpful guide from the CDC: CDC Recreational Water Illnesses.

At Seahorse Motel, your safety and happiness mean everything to us. Dive in with assurance. Discover the Seahorse difference firsthand!

Seahorse Motel staff received the CPO Certification from award-winning instructor Chad Bland at CPO Certification New Jersey.