September Summer at the Sea Horse LBI

We have a not so secret, secret here at the Sea Horse LBI –
summer is not over…
didn’t you know?
The autumnal equinox is still
20 days away
and most of the traffic has gone away.
Hmmmm…you say,
September brings
so much more to do,
on LBI.
So call your friends
and have them stay, too –
Here at the Sea Horse
We never close our doors,
and there’s always more room
for you and you,
and you.
Just check this calendar of ongoing, goings on
festivals and the like,
what will we will do without ALL of those traffic lights?
Relax, we say.
Ahhh…September. Summer.
Come and stay!

We invite you to take part in our September Special – purchase two weeknights with us, and we’ll give you the third weeknight FREE! Call us now! 609-494-5392.

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